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Project Launch

Launch Speeches

- Brian Rowntree, PBNI Chairman to 30 November 04

- Jimmy Moore, PROTECT N&S

- Stephen Leach, NIO

- James Martin, Dept JEL Reform

- Brenda Hegarty, SEUPB

- Sean Lowry, PWS

- Noel Rooney, PBNI

Website Launch

Launch Press Release

Expert Panel

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- Brenda Hegarty, SEUPB

Brenda is the Programme Manager for Peace II, Special European Union Programmes Body

"This project is a wonderful example of how the Peace funding can be utilised to achieve a range of beneficial outcomes for our society. The project not only encourages cross border co-operation between public sector policy makers but will improve the design, delivery and co-operation of Probation Services, thus contributing to a more peaceful and safer society.

"Changing behaviour" is a central theme of this project and the same theme needs to be embraced by all of us, if we wish to live in a truly peaceful and stable society. It is only when we shed our "old" prejudices, intolerances and violent acts in favour of an inclusive, tolerant and peaceful existence can we truly live in peace.

The Peace Programme has facilitated over 4000 projects in Northern Ireland and the border region to effect behavioural change. It is hoped that if the extension of the Programme is approved, we can focus even further on actions, which will affect further behavioural change.

I wish to conclude by commending the Probation Board for Northern Ireland and the Probation and Welfare Services in Ireland for the development of the initiative and wish them every success with their project."