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Project Launch

Launch Speeches

- Brian Rowntree, PBNI Chairman to 30 November 04

- Jimmy Moore, PROTECT N&S

- Stephen Leach, NIO

- James Martin, Dept JEL Reform

- Brenda Hegarty, SEUPB

- Sean Lowry, PWS

- Noel Rooney, PBNI

Website Launch

Launch Press Release

Expert Panel

News Archive


- Noel Rooney, PBNI

Noel is the Chief Executive of the Probation Board for Northern Ireland.

"I want to acknowledge and endorse the comments of the previous speakers. In particular, I want to endorse the Probation Board Chairman’s welcome to you and his comments about our excitement at the value of this new partnership.

The two main partners in this initiative, PBNI and PWS, bring together a range of complementary knowledge and expertise that will ensure the sharing of best practice at strategic, operational and community level.

It has been an aim of PROTECT N&S to bring together an Ireland-wide network of Probation management, staff and Criminal Justice representatives who have practical experience of effective practice in securing the protection and safety of communities through the social inclusion of offenders. Represented here today are organisations that have agreed to participate in this in an advisory capacity as members of an Expert Panel and in so doing provide guidance and direction for the Project.

It gives me great pleasure to formally launch another new initiative within Probation in Ireland today. This is the launch of the Irish Probation Journal.

It has been recognised internationally that the Probation scene in Ireland has been innovative. Reference has already been made to the excellent practice that already underpins the work of both Probation organisations. PBNI and PWS have decided to co-host the development of a local initiative that would give opportunity to share best Probation in Ireland and also to provide opportunity for input and debate about a range of issues from others working in the criminal justice field.

The first edition of the Journal has been included with your pack. I trust you will find the contents interesting, stimulating and challenging. There is a wide range of contributions about practice from criminal justice practitioners, academics, inspectors and others. The Journal represents in tangible form what the work of PROTECT N&S is about - co-operation, shared learning and excellence in practice.

The Journal is available in PDF format on the PROTECT N&S website and will provide real opportunity for an international audience to see something of Probation practice in Ireland as well as well as encouraging contributions from elsewhere. We are excited about the many possibilities of the development of the Journal and its linkage with the work of PROTECT N&S. The Journal’s Editorial Panel are encouraging contributions for future editions from the wider criminal justice sphere. Perhaps these future editions may include content from some of those present here today.

It now falls to me to thank you all for coming today. We look forward to development of work in partnership with you and I would encourage you to keep in touch with the work of the Project."