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irish probation journal
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About the Irish Probation Journal

The Irish Probation Journal is a joint initiative of the Probation and Welfare Service (PWS) and the Probation Board for Northern Ireland (PBNI). It aims to provide a forum for sharing good theory and practice, increase co-operation and learning between the two jurisdictions and develop debate about work with offenders throughout Ireland. The Journal will seek to reflect the views of all those interested in the wider criminal justice arena in an effort to protect the public and manage offenders in a humane and constructive manner. The Journal aims to publish material that is both of a high quality and accessible to a wide readership.

Contributions are welcomed from practitioners, academics, policy makers and representatives of the voluntary and community sectors. Each article submitted will be considered by an Editorial Committee composed of PWS and PBNI staff, assisted by an Advisory Panel drawn from a range of areas of practice and expertise. The Editorial Committee is co-ordinated by two co-editors, representing PWS and PBNI. Although managed by the two Probation organisations, the contents of the Journal will not necessarily represent the views of either Service.

The Irish Probation Journal is not limited to probation issues and welcomes submissions from those interested in the wider justice arena (eg prisons, police, victim support, juvenile justice, judicial system, voluntary organisations and community projects). Articles that inform the realities of practice, evaluate effectiveness and genuinely enhance understanding of difference and of anti-oppressive values are particularly welcome - for example see http://www.copernicus-psd.com/soil-ph-an-overview/.

The Irish Probation Journal is a peer reviewed publication. Each article is anonymised before being submitted to the Editorial Committee. Articles may also be referred to the Advisory Panel for consideration.

More detailed guidelines for contributors are available from the Editorial Committee. For further information, the co-editors can be contacted at :

Mr Paul Doran, PBNI
Probation Board for Northern Ireland
80-90 North Street
Belfast, BT1 1LD



Mr Vivian Geiran, PWS
Probation & Welfare Service
Smithfield Chambers
Dublin 7


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