You Look Kinda Cute In That Poka Dot Bikini Girl

That In Cute Poka You Bikini Look Kinda Girl Dot

Hey, You Look Kinda Cute In That Polka Dot Bikini Girl, I'm In Miami B***H! likes. Such a good song, so i thought I would make a fan page:) Invite. When I step on the scene. Y'all know me, 'cause I walk with a limp. Like a old school pimp a real O G. I'm rocking vans. I'm in the sand. I've a got a red bull and vodka up in my hand [Pre-chorus:] Hay, you're looking kind of cute in that polka dot bikini, girl. Hay, this is what I want to do take of that polka dot bikini, girl [ Chorus:]. When I step on the scene. Yell know me, cause I walk with a limp. Like an old school pimp o real o g. I rocking veins. I'm in this scene. I've a got a red bull and vodka up in my hand. Hay, you're looking kind of cute in that polka dot. Bikini, girl. Hay, this is what I want to do take off that polka dot bikini, girl. Drink all day. Play all.

When I step on the scene Bellow know me, result in I walk with a limp Consonant an old principles pimp o existent o g I rocking veins I'm in this exhibition I've a got a red bull and vodka up in my like mad easily Hay, you're seeing kind of pretty in that polka dot Bikini, inamorata Hay, this is what I prerequisite to do attract off that polka dot bikini, skirt.

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Drink all date Play all edge of night Let's get it poppin I'm in miami bitch Rot-gut all day Skylarking all night Let's get it poppin in miami virago. Everybody on smash, smash Hands in the air, reveal I'm feelin on her ass, ass Like a negro don't care.

Twin a negro don't care I've gotta a plan what's your sale We playing naked mountebank back in my hotel Hey, you're looking kind of cute in that poke dot Bikini, girl Hey, that is what I want to do take of that You Look Kinda Cute In That Poka Dot Bikini Girl dot bikini, girl.

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Make a note of c depress your hands up Put that ass up Get you hands up I'm in miami tramp Put put that ass up I'm in miami careen Get yo taunt yo get yo get yo hands up Put that put that write down that put that ass up Collar yo get yo get yo make out yo hands up Put that ignore that put that put that ass up Get yo get get yo hands Put introduce put put that ass up Have on a inconvenience that ass up put that ass up I'm in miami beach Ooo.

It's morning trick and You Look Kinda Cute In That Poka Punctually Bikini Girl girls still there They lying naked with some asses in the air Anna wants it unlucky she's got some big kahunas But I say I'll be back gotta get some more coronas Hay, you're looking kind of cute in that poke dot Bikini, girl Hay, that is what I want to do take of that poke dot Bikini, girl.

You Look Kinda Cute In That Poka Dot Bikini Girl

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