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Protect N&S Team (R-L) Jimmy Moore (Project Manager), Catherine Corrigan (Administrator), David Williamson (Project Manager).

The PROTECT N&S project is a joint venture between the Probation Board for Northern Ireland (PBNI) and the Probation and Welfare Service (PWS). It is funded under the PEACE II initiative and will initially run until the summer of 2006. This initiative builds on the existing positive and strong informal links between the two services and, driven by the Belfast Agreement and the subsequent Criminal Justice Review, seeks to contribute to the process of building peace and reconciliation through improving community safety and security - get more

PROTECT N&S is a vehicle for sharing best practice in Probation along the border areas initially and then throughout Ireland. The Project will seek to develop strong cross border links between the two agencies and also assist in the process of sharing good theory and practice with other agencies in the criminal justice system and with relevant groups and organisation in the community and voluntary sector.

PROTECT N&S recognises that information sharing is fundamental to good interagency practice. Protocols for assisting the PBNI and PWS to more effectively meet their common goals of improving public safety are part of the goal of the project. The project will also run training seminars and conferences for Probation staff and will set up two cross border projects aimed at maximising resources for the Probation staff in border areas
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